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Welcome to my blog ‘A Journey Through the Fog’. I discuss all aspects of my mental and physical health, detailing the impact they have had on my life. I hope by sharing my experiences I can help others along the way. I try to offer practical solutions and guide you through ways in which you can take back control of your health and life. Please note I am not a medical professional but I do speak from experience having lived with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and other illnesses for many years. Hope you enjoy my blog.

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How to protect yourself from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) when you rely on others for care

With everyone being encouraged to practice self-isolation as a precaution against contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – something that many of us living with chronic illness are experts at – how can you protect yourself when you rely on others outside of your home for your care needs? It’s impossible for us to follow the strict instructions Read the full article…

5 Tips for Managing Incontinence in IBD Patients

A few weeks ago I wrote a post detailing my experiences with chronic constipation and IBS, called ‘Let’s talk about poo‘. This post was the first in a series designed to take the embarrassment out of pooing, and break the stigma around digestive disorders.  The second installment in the series is a guest post written Read the full article…

The Health Benefits of Terpenes

In part one of my guide to terpenes, What are terpenes? Cannabis compounds explained, I introduced you to the fascinating world of terpenes. I discussed how terpenes can amplify the beneficial effects of other compounds found in cannabis, creating what is called the “entourage effect”. And I also highlighted how terpenes interact with our native Read the full article…