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My body is like a barometer and many of my symptoms are affected by the weather. Each season brings it’s own challenges.

My fatigue is worse during summer. I find even the slightest physical activity exhausting and I get very dizzy when it’s hot.

I’m able to do more during the winter but my pain is worse. Cold, damp weather causes my joint and muscle pain to flare. My depression is also worse during the darker months. Thunderstorms are particularly hard as the pressure increase causes pain and so does the rain and the thunder (noise)

The changeable weather during Spring and Autumn mean I have no routine. I have my own coping strategies depending on the season (ice packs, cold flannels and fans during the summer, heated throws during the winter) but I don’t know where I stand when the weather conditions are so unpredictable.

Does the weather affect your symptoms?

What’s your favourite season?

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