Millions Missing

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Every year an event called Millions Missing takes place in Countries across the world to raise awareness of ME and to help make the invisible, visible. People with severe ME are often forgotten because we are hidden away in darkened rooms, too sick to leave the house. Each pair of shoes displayed represents one person who is ‘Missing’ from the world due to this debilitating illness.

Millions Missing is staged on International ME Awareness Day – the 12th May. I’m not well enough to attend myself but I will be sending a pair of my shoes with a description about my struggles with ME. Do you want to take part and help me raise awareness? There are many ways you can get involved.

*If you or a loved one suffers from ME, send a pair of shoes, or take a pair to one of the events. Please include a tag with the following details: Write your name, how long you have been ill and what you’re missing.

If you live in the UK, please send them to:
Millions Missing. 9 Talbot Road, London. TW7 7HG

Please note the shoes cannot be returned so send an old pair you no longer want.

*Anyone who is not well enough to attend a Millions Missing protest and cannot send shoes is welcome to send a photo of your shoes and to share your story to the following link

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are able to help in some way. Take care x

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