Living with severe ME – a glimpse into my world (video)

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I have created a very honest video about the reality of living with severe ME to try to raise awareness.

I would really appreciate it if you could watch and share. Thank you.

ME has stolen so much from me but the most frustrating part about this illness is not being believed, and not having a voice.

The lack of belief and ignorance surrounding ME is deep-rooted and causes significant harm to patients worldwide.”

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  1. Jo, your blog has been so helpful to me as a complete cbd newbie. I’ve been unable to access the Simply CBD oil website- it is blocked whatever avenue I try. Do you know a way in?

      1. Thanks for your reply; really appreciate it. Our whole household have tried using different phones, iPad, pc. I’ll consult an it expert. I can get it through but they charge £5 postage- would you say that’s reasonable. Sorry to ask questions about postage!

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