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Disclaimer; [AD] This post is sponsored by Reakiro. Whilst this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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I recently had the chance to try a new CBD skincare range from Reakiro called Goddess Sativa. I have been taking their 500mg CBD oil and I have been impressed with the quality and effectiveness, so I was excited to try a few more products in their range. 

If you are new to the world of CBD and would like to educate yourself, I have a dedicated CBD section on my website. What is CBD? Everything you need to know would be a good place to start.

I would like to say at this point, I have tried a few CBD skincare products, from a number of different companies, with mixed results. Some were ineffective, some irritated my skin, while others offered effective relief. It continues to surprise me that the quality of CBD products varies so considerably. 

What is CBD skincare? 

The term CBD skincare (sometimes referred to as CBD topicals) covers a wide range of products including balms, lotions, moisturisers, face masks and serums. These products contain the therapeutic compound CBD, along with many other natural active beneficial ingredients. Hemp contains many components that offer health benefits including, cannabinoids like CBD, essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fatty acids. 

CBD skincare products can be used to give targeted relief from a number of complaints, but they can also revitalise the skin, and restore natural balance. 

CBD skincare products can safely be used in conjunction with oral CBD products like oils and capsules. However, they also offer an effective option on their own, for people who don’t want to take CBD orally but still want to experience the benefits of CBD. 

An introduction to Reakiro’s CBD Skincare range 

The new skincare range from Reakiro contains their full spectrum CBD extract (450mg – 500mg per product), along with a number of essential oils and natural compounds. Each product offers its own individual benefits which are made possible thanks to the additional ingredients. 

As you would expect from a reputable company, Reakiro publish lab reports for all their CBD products, please check their website for more details.  I have spoken a lot about the importance of lab reports on my blog. These reports mean you can confirm the safety and potency of a product before purchasing.

Added Ingredients

Before I discuss my impressions of each product I tried, I would like to talk to you briefly about the additional active ingredients in this CBD skincare range. 

As I have mentioned, each product in the Goddess Sativa skincare range includes a selection of natural plant extracts, essential oils and vitamins – not just CBD. Many studies have been carried out on these natural compounds over the years, which show a myriad of health benefits can be gained from each. Alongside full spectrum CBD extract, these natural ingredients can boost the benefits you receive.

Here are some of the active ingredients contained in the range, along with their known health benefits:

  • CBD Shea butter moisturizes dry skin, and reduces skin inflammation
  • Coconut oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Macadamia oil is rich in powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins
  • Rosemary extract has a calming effect on your skin, protecting skin cells from damage
  • Rosemary Essential Oil is known to reduce pain and inflammation, and strengthen the immune system
  • Vitamin E (tocopherols) is an antioxidant which protects the skin
  • Apricot seed oil contains gamma linoleic acid that is useful to firm and tone the skin
  • Arnica in combination with menthol – this cooling essential oil is used for bruises, aches, sprains, joint pain, muscle soreness and muscle spasms
  • Camphor is used to relieve pain and reduce itching, increasing local blood flow
  • Piper Nigrum Oil helps absorption and bioavailability
  • Ginger Essential Oil soothes redness, eliminates bacteria
  • Bulgarian Scots Pine Oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antirheumatic properties. 
  • Peppermint oil is used for relief from muscle pain
  • Wintergreen Oil is a powerful anti inflammatory 
  • Almond Oil is a potent source of the antioxidant vitamin E

For a full list of ingredients for each product, please visit Reakiro’s website. 

My First Impressions 

My package came in a secure box and delivery was tracked, so I received updates on the progress of my order, and a 2-hour delivery slot notification on the morning of the delivery.

My first impressions of the Goddess Sativa CBD skincare range were positive. I love the branding and style of the containers. The labelling is simple, with clear information. The first thing I did was open each product and smell it – that’s normal right? They smell amazing. I am particularly sensitive to fragrances, so I tend to buy unfragranced products, but the scents in this range are subtle and natural – not overpowering or synthetic.

I was also pleased to see that all products in the range are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

Body Butter for Dry Skin, Pomegranate (450 mg CBD)

The Pomegranate Body Butter was the first product I tested. It has a lovely rich, silky consistency, and is easily absorbed into the skin. It has a very mild fruity fragrance. I suffer from dry skin all over my body, and also patches of eczema. This body butter hydrated my skin while giving me targeted relief from the CBD. I have replaced my normal daily moisturiser with this body butter and I have been impressed with the results. 

This one is probably my favourite of all the Goddess Sativa skincare range, and I have been using it daily since.

Active ingredients: Full Spectrum, CBD Shea butter Coconut oil, Macadamia oil, Rosemary extract, Vitamin E 

Body Butter, Vanilla Milk Cream (450 mg CBD)

Next up, the Vanilla Milk Cream Body Butter. Again, the consistency is rich, and easily absorbed into the skin. Vanilla is one of my favourite fragrances and this one isn’t too sweet. It has a subtle, natural scent –  not overpowering at all. I have tried many traditional CBD balms over the years but I find they are only really suitable for small areas of skin – the consistency makes it hard to spread over larger areas. However, these body butters are much easier to apply, and are great for using over large areas of skin.

I have areas of redness and inflamed skin. I find this product reduces the redness and has a calming effect, this may be due to the Rosemary extract. 

Active ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Shea butter, Apricot seed oil, Rosemary extract, Vitamin E (tocopherols)

Muscle Relief Gel, Warming (500 mg CBD)

My first attempt at testing this product wasn’t very successful. The muscle relief gel comes in a pump dispenser, and it took quite a lot of pumping to get the gel out the first time. I found this hard because I have weakness in my hands, and I had to ask my husband to help me. But the second time I applied the gel it came through much more easily. 

The pump surface area is actually quite large which is good for people with dexterity problems.

This warming gel smells like the product ‘Deep Heat’ but the fragrance is a much more subtle – I can definitely smell the camphor and ginger. This gel acts through warming therapy, which can help reduce pain.

I gave this product to a friend of mine to try who has lower back problems, and she instantly loved it. She normally uses ‘Deep Heat’, and said this gel was even more effective, and much more pleasant to use. So if you use deep heat treatments, this would be a good option for you.

Active ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Arnica, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vanillyl Butyl Ether (VBE), Camphor, Piper Nigrum Oil, Ginger Essential Oil 

Muscle Relief Gel, Cooling (500 mg CBD)

The Muscle Relief Cooling Gel also comes in a pump dispenser, but unlike the warming gel, I had no problems activating it. The pump is easy to use and the àmount dispensed is controlled, so you don’t waste any of the product.

Again, the scent is subtle and natural, although I can definitely smell the peppermint oil and Arnica. I personally prefer this to the warming gel, but this may be because I find I get more relief from cold therapy, than from heat therapy – I tend to use ice packs, rather than heat packs for pain relief.

I was surprised at how quickly I felt relief when first using this cooling gel, so I will definitely be adding it to pain relief kit.

Active ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Arnica, Bulgarian Scots Pine Oil, Peppermint oil, Wintergreen Oil

Massage Oil, Muscle Relief (500 mg CBD)

The consistency of this product is what you would expect from a massage oil. The oil comes out very quickly, so be careful not to waste any (yes, I did spill it on my first attempt). 

The mandarin and ginger fragrance is pleasant, natural, and mild. I actually think this oil would be a good option, not just for massage treatments, but also if you want to cover large areas of skin. It’s easy to apply and absorbs without any sticky residue afterwards. 

Active ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Almond Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil

Final thoughts 

I am often asked to review CBD products and there is always the concern that they will not live up to expectations. But the Goddess Sativa range from Reakiro is effective on many levels, and was a pleasure to test. The fragrances are subtle and natural, the texture pleasant on the skin, and the containers are easy to use. Even if you take the CBD out of the equation, these skincare products are high quality and effective thanks to the additional active ingredients. 

My favourite is probably the Pomegranate Body Butter. I particularly like the mild fruity fragrance and texture, and as I suffer from dry skin and eczema, so it offers the relief I need. A little goes a long way – I tested these products for three weeks and there’s hardly a dent in them. 

I have struggled with CBD skincare products in the past because I have sensitive skin, but I can confirm I have had no adverse reactions to this range. I do need to mention these products contain alcohol, so if you have sensitive skin you may want to avoid applying them to your face. For a full list of ingredients please visit the website. Unlike CBD balms, all these products are easy to apply on larger surface areas, and they absorbed quickly into the skin.

I haven’t mentioned the price yet. The Goddess Sativa range is comparable in price to other CBD skincare products on the market. I know CBD products aren’t cheap, and many people struggle with the cost  – that is why Reakiro is offering an exclusive 20% discount for my readers. Just enter the code: Resource20 at the checkout.

I like the fact that this range contains lots of natural ingredients, not just CBD – I could definitely notice the added benefits. Of course, it’s impossible to tell if the benefits I experienced from this range were from the CBD extract or other natural herbal ingredients, but if they work does it really matter?

Thank you for reading my review

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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