Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jo Moss, I am 43 and I have struggled with poor health all my life. After years of tests I was finally diagnosed with CFS/ME in 2006 and later with Fibromyalgia in 2013. I am hypersensitive to everything and intolerant to most prescription medication so it’s been a struggle to find anything to ease my symptoms and to make my life bearable. Rather than helping, the side effects from the cocktail of drugs my GP and consultants have prescribed has actually worsened my health.

In addition to severe CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia I have also been diagnosed with osteoporosis, IBS, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, migraines and insomnia. My health deteriorated so badly that I had a full mental and physical breakdown about 4 years ago. I have been virtually bed bound since and desperate to find something to help with my crippling pain and anxiety. I have been suicidal many times as I couldn’t see the point in going on if this was what my life was to be like, life didn’t seem worth living. But I’m still here and every day that goes by I feel physically and mentally stronger.

Reading that back it sounds so depressing but the reason I’m writing this blog is to give other people who are in the same position a bit of hope. My life isn’t easy but it is worth living. I may cry a lot but I also laugh a lot. I may get depressed but I’m also optimistic. No matter how bad things seem right now they will get better. You can take back control and give yourself hope for your future.

I must add that I probably wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the love and support of my amazing husband, family and friends. Thank you.

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