CBDa: The Raw Cannabinoid That Fights Inflammation.

I talk about CBD quite a lot in my blog but there are many Cannabinoids (Cannabis compounds) that have beneficial qualities. Over the next few weeks I will take the time to introduce a few of them.

If you would like to read more about CBD and the benefits associated with it, please read the following posts:

What is CBD? FAQs

My CBD Journey

As my recent competition featured a product with high levels of CBDa, I thought I would spend a few minutes focusing on the benefits of CBDa first.

Let’s start with the basics…

What is CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid)?

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is a chemical compound found in the resin glands (trichomes) of raw cannabis plants. In this case, raw means unheated and uncured.

Early research suggests that compounds in raw cannabis and hemp have some serious health benefits. One of those compounds is cannabidiolic acid (CBDa). Like drinking a mug of peppermint tea, raw cannabis has shown anti-nausea potential in tests, as well as promise in cancer and pain research.

Juicing raw cannabis or hemp has become quite popular recently but not everyone has access to the plant in its raw form to juice, so taking a Raw CBD/CBDa oil is a good alternative.

The relationship between CBDa and CBD

It is important to understand what both of these cannabinoids are in relation to each other. CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD. When cannabis grows, its produces THCa and CBDa, not THC and CBD. These cannabinoids in their acidic form are often seen as being ‘inactive’. When cannabis is heated, such as through smoking, cooking, or vaporization, a process known as decarboxylation occurs. Decarboxylation turns both THCa and CBDa into THC and CBD respectively. Both CBDa and CBD are non-psychoactive, meaning they won’t get you high.

In general, CBD is considered the active compound and CBDa is thought to be inactive. However, research conducted in the past five years suggests that CBDa might not be as useless as was expected.

What are the potential therapeutic benefits of CBDa?

CBDa is thought to be:

*Anti-proliferative (Helps to limit the growth of cancer cells)

I have seen first hand the anti inflammatory properties of CBDa. It’s particularly effective for treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis and also chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia. Although it needs to be noted that cannabis compounds work best when taken together, not in isolation. The ‘whole plant’ is more beneficial than its individual components. This is commonly referred to as the ‘Entourage Effect’ but I will discuss this further in a later post.

As with almost all cannabis research, high quality studies on are sorely needed. However, one biopharmaceutical company already has a patent on CBDa for the potential treatment of psychotic disorders.

Have you tried a CBD product with high levels of CBDa? What is your experience with CBDa?

My CBD Journey

I can’t tell my story without discussing CBD. It’s made a big positive impact in my life and I would like to share my experiences with you.

I’ve been virtually bedbound with severe ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia for about 4 years now. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, depression, osteoporosis, migraines and insomnia. Desperate to find anything to help I searched the internet for possible treatments and came across CBD.

Being diagnosed with an incurable and largely untreatable condition is devastating. You will go to any lengths and try almost anything to relieve your systems, and believe me, the internet is full of crazy ideas and promises of cures. While searching through the myriad of possible ‘cures’ I came across CBD. I did a lot of research and it seemed to be a promising treatment. So, 16 months ago I started taking CBD oil.

If I’m honest I didn’t expect much but I was willing to try anything at this stage. I was pleasantly surprised. I noticed an almost instant improvement in my anxiety levels and my general well-being. It took quite a lot of trial and error to find the right oil to tackle my pain but for the first time in years I could see a future for myself.

My pain is now a lot more manageable and I can finally sleep. It’s very effective for my everyday pain and my flares are less frequent. When I do have a flare it helps me stay calm which I find is half the battle. Unfortunately it doesn’t take away the ‘flare’ pain but it does ‘numb’ it. I’ve managed to wean myself off Tramadol, Propranolol and sleeping tablets and Omeprazole (gradually) and I feel so much better for it. If you choose to reduce your medication please do so under the supervision of your GP

To begin with I only noticed a slight improvement in my fatigue but I have severe ME and it’s taken years for my body to get this weak and exhausted. After a few months of sleeping better and with reduced pain and anxiety levels my body has started to respond. I have less fatigue and flu-like symptoms. I don’t crash as much and they are not as severe even though my activity levels have actually increased. With every day that goes by I feel physically and mentally stronger. Considering I’ve spent the last 20+ years with my health deteriorating this is a huge step for me.

I don’t want to give people false hope. CBD is not a miracle cure or a quick fix. It hasn’t taken away my symptoms but it has allowed me to manage them far more effectively than any prescription medication ever has and without all the nasty side effects. But you still need to listen to your body, pace yourself and rest when you feel a flare coming on.

I believe it’s important to take an holistic approach when dealing with your health and well being. I have developed a number of coping mechanisms over the years and have found a combination of things that have helped to improve my overall health. CBD is just one part of this but it has made a big impact in my life.

Please note I am not a medical professional and I can only comment on my own experiences. Please speak to your GP before taking CBD as it can interact with some medication. Please include your GP in any treatment changes.

Have you tried CBD? What improvements have you noticed?

if you would like to learn more about CBD please read the posts in the CBD category, located : https://www.ajourneythroughthefog.co.uk/category/cbd/

What is CBD? FAQs

What can CBD treat? Success Stories

While conducting my survey I came across some positive and inspiring CBD success stories, which I would like to share with you. If you would like to read more about the survey, please click on this link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php…

The following are comments taken from the survey:

“(I have) Osteoarthritis, low mood, poor sleep. The inflammation, stiffness & pain gone. Sleep brilliantly and much more chilled & happy. 12 year old dog with arthritis now like a pup. Both of us take no pharma meds now”

“(CBD has helped) Low mood, depression, less anxious, pain in joints from menopause, deeper sleep. Knee pain. Got my sense of humour back!”

“I have chronic migraine (constant migraine with about 2 acute attacks a week) and Constant daily headache. CBD has eliminated the constant nausea, reduced the amount of constant head pain and I’ve only had one acute attack in about 5 weeks and that was triggered by an occipital nerve block injection which also caused stiff neck and the CBD balm got rid of the stiff neck”

“Our 15 yr. old very large dog, with severe arthritis in his back legs is now actually running! stiff legged but still running and a much happier chappy”

“I have a rare autoimmune that causes inflammation to blood vessels. CBDA has controlled the IBS and gut inflammation, reduced the number of bursting blood vessels I get, soft tissue ulcers, joint pain. I’m less tired and sleep better with the CBD element”

“I have anxiety and insomnia. I can now function with the help of CBD for my anxiety and have not have an attack since starting taking 1 drop 2 times a day (with no intention of upping the dose). I have found that I can manage to live my life ‘normally’ and leave the house on my own when it is not for work. My insomnia has not been helped at all”

“arthritis from 6 yrs old, 2 failed operation on hips and shoulders, subluxations due to eds, rheumatoid arthritis coming in hands, acid reflux, restless legs, pain and insomnia…. terrible side effects to meds that didn’t work so turned to alcohol as well….. of all meds, no longer suffer restless legs, insomnia 80% better now just have a bad night now and then, quality of life improved, less pain, more mobility”

“I have fibromyalgia, bpd (borderline personality disorder) AD (adjustment disorder) DD (dissociative disorder) cbd gives me a new life it’s still difficult as I take no other medication but I highly recommend it for pain but especially for mental health it helps calm any ‘bad’ thoughts, still can’t communicate face to face but that’s socially awkward 😂 or just don’t like people lmao”

“Taking it for chronic vestibular migraine. It has helped but as a bonus, it has also helped with psoriasis, arthritis and menopausal hot flushes”

“ME: Chronic pain and spasm / inflammation in my neck / shoulders (caused by bulging discs and nerve impingements). I’m now virtually pain free. Also helps with my ADD and with anxiety.
MUM: Osteoarthritis in her knees. She is seeing a big reduction in pain over time.”

“My dog has epilepsy, and CBD 100% controls his fits. I also know a human who is using it for the same reason, and with success.”

“Diabetes-A1C is now normal. Inflammation in my knee causing much pain is gone. All around aches are gone. Not as stiff or sore. Anxiety is so much better! And an all around better feeling of wellness. What it did not help is stomach issues like reflux or heartburn (though they are better than before just not much difference) And my gray hair? Ya, it’s STILL gray!!! ;)”

“Our 15 year old son has Aspergers, PDA and severe anxiety. The effect of CBD on him was immediate. The first time he used it was when we traveled to the east coast last summer and normally a trip like that would cause him anxiety such that he would need to stop and urinate every 20-30 minutes along the journey. On that occasion, we didn’t stop once and he was able to go to the beach immediately on arrival, where he normally would take a day or 2 to recover after the journey before venturing out. We try and get him to use it everyday (but aren’t always successful) and it has made life a lot less stressful for him and us as a consequence.”

“My 13 yr old daughter using CBD to treat bad joint pain from EDS. She has brain fog, fatigue also. Her joint pain is 90% decreased.”

“Chronic lumbar/lower half pain & arthritis . Cbd takes the edge of the pains & lifts mood. Never 100% pain free, but most days the cbd knocks it down a few levels to a manageable degree”

“I suffer from PTSD, bad anxiety and depression. I use cbd 500 oil. One drop twice daily. Life changing ! 😊
My 11yr dog cried and yelled getting in the car. He is running around like he was 5 🐕.”

“I have Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. My husband has degeneration of shoulder joints due a new replacement right shoulder very soon. We both have benefited and no longer take opiate pain killers. Not a cure but life is so much better😁

“I’ve recently started using CBD oil as I’ve got Parkinsons and it’s been absolutely amazing it’s helping my anxiety my cramps my sleep relaxation and my movements/mobility and I’ve only been taking it a week!! So happy I started using it I’m sure it has many more benefits yet to come…! I also use the CBD balm for aching/painful joints…”

“I have severe CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, IBS, anxiety and panic attacks, migraines, depression and insomnia. CBD has successfully lowered my pain and anxiety levels, helped my insomnia, fatigue and reduced my IBS symptoms. CBD allows me to manage my symptoms more effectively than any prescription medication I’ve tried. I can finally see a future for myself.”

Thank you to everyone that contributed and for giving me permission to publish your comments. It was so uplifting hearing all of your success stories.

Has this inspired you to try CBD?


What can CBD treat?

I have been taking CBD for over a year now and have found it effective for a lot of my health conditions and symptoms. However, it’s not a miracle cure and there are some symptoms it hasn’t helped. I was interested to find out if other people had had similar experiences, so I conducted a survey. If you are new to CBD you might benefit from reading this post first: https://m.facebook.com/story.php…

In the survey, I asked what conditions the participants suffered from, what symptoms were improved by CBD and what symptoms had no improvement.


The following is a list of the results. (I’ve listed them in order of prevalence rather than alphabetically)


Anxiety (16)
Chronic pain (15)
Fatigue (9)
Fibromyalgia pain (9)
Insomnia (8)
Joint pain (8)
Depression (6)
Arthritis (5)
Brain fog (4)
Low mood (4)
Osteoarthritis (4)
Epilepsy (3)
IBS (3)
ME/CFS (3)
Muscle pain (3)
Headaches (2)
Nausea (2)
Migraines (2)
Muscle Spasms (2)
Restless legs syndrome (2)
Sciatica (2)
Balance issues/vertigo
Borderline personality disorder
Hip Dysplasia (pain)
Menopausal hot flushes
Nasal tumours
Nerve inflammation/compression in spine
Reduced mood swings

Slight improvement:

Fibromyalgia Flare pain (2)
Migraines (2)
Nerve pain

No Improvement:

Insomnia (3)
Tinnitus (3)
Migraines (2)
Nerve Pain (2)
Social anxiety (2)
Acid Reflux
Intrusive thoughts
Kidney stone pain


It’s encouraging to see how many conditions can be effectively treated with CBD. As you can see, there are some conditions on more than one list, which just goes to show how individual we are. However, there are a few that appear more often in the ‘no improvement’ or ‘slight improvement’ list, which may suggest CBD is not as effective for these conditions (Tinnitus, migraines, nerve pain, Fibromyalgia Flare pain and social anxiety) This could also be explained by saying the participant hasn’t yet found a CBD product with the right levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, or the right dose to be effective.

There are a handful of conditions which appear numerous times on the ‘effective’ list. (Anxiety, Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia pain, Fatigue, Joint pain, Insomnia) It could just be because these conditions are more common, but it’s encouraging to see how effective CBD can be for treating conditions that many of us suffer from, and for which conventional medicine can sometimes be ineffective.

Please note this is not a complete list of all the conditions CBD can treat, just the ones reported by the participants of my survey.

While conducting my survey I came across some positive and inspiring success stories, which I would like to share with you. Please click on the link to read these inspiring stories:https://m.facebook.com/story.php…

What are your experiences with CBD? What are you successfully treating and what symptoms has CBD not been as effective for?


Flare Magazine turns the spotlight on CBD

The first 2018 edition of the Flare Magazine turns the spotlight on CBD, along with many other articles. It includes a piece I’ve written about my CBD journey and also my review of the film Unrest. Please have a read.

The Flare Magazine offers advice for people suffering with Fibromyalgia and ME, and also raises awareness of invisible illnesses.



You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel the benefits of CBD

I recently conducted a survey asking regular CBD users, ‘How many mg of CBD do you take a day?’

The results are in and they may surprise some people.


0-10mg       16        32%
11-20mg     20        40%
21-30mg       8        16%
31-40mg       1          2%
41-50mg       1         2%
51-60mg       2        4%
61-80mg       0        0%
81mg+             2        4%


Almost a third (32%) of people who responded, take 10mg or less a day, and nearly three quarters (72%) take 20mg or less a day. This shows, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money, taking large doses, to feel the benefits from CBD.

It’s also why a ‘low and slow’ approach to introducing CBD is often recommended. By starting with a low dose, and slowly increasing it until you reach an optimum level, you minimizes any unwanted side effects but you could also save yourself money. And stronger isn’t necessarily better. I’ve spoken to many people taking high doses of CBD who found that, after experimenting with their dose, they experienced the same level of relief from a much lower dose.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with taking high doses of CBD. What I am saying is, don’t assume you need to take a high dose, experiment, why pay more than you need to?

**Please note: there are some conditions, like epilepsy, that require higher doses**

What is CBD? FAQs

I’ve had a few people private message me asking questions about CBD, so I thought I would write a post about what I’ve learnt along the way and also invite people to ask me questions.

If you are new to my page you might want to read this post first:

*What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more famous molecule, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is completely non psychoactive so therefore will not get you high.

*Is CBD Legal?
Just to reassure everyone CBD is 100% legal in the UK and is sold as a food supplement, just like vitamins are. Many high street health food shops sell it. Please make sure you buy from a reputable company.

*Reputable suppliers of CBD

*How do I take It? Methods of ingestion.
CBD comes in many forms including oil and paste (oral use) vape liquid, capsules, edibles, tea and balm.

What CBD products do I personally use?
I take the Hybrid oil (during the day) and the Nights oil (before bed) from Molytor I vape Wax/crumble (a concentrated form of CBD with other cannabinoids and terpenes) from CBDLife UK using their dab pen, when needed. I also use hemp balm and drink hemp tea, both I buy from Fiddler’s Elbow Grease – Hemp Balm

*How long does it take to work?
Some people notice the benefits of CBD almost immediately but for others it can take a few weeks. So don’t feel disheartened if you don’t notice improvements straight away. Please read about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)


*Interactions and Side Effects
CBD can interact with certain prescription medication. I would always recommend you speak to your pharmacist or GP about any possible interactions. If you have been advised not to consume grapefruit with your medication then you may need to reconsider CBD.

The only side effect I’ve experienced is drowsiness but some people also get headaches and other minor symptoms. Compared to prescription medication these side effects are minimal. By introducing CBD slowly you can minimise these unwanted symptoms.

It is worth noting that Cannabis compounds, like CBD, have biphasic properties, which means that low and high doses of the same substance can produce opposite effects. So taking too much can actually make you feel worse.

*What are Cannabinoids?
Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that naturally occur in the resin of the Cannabis sativa plant. These chemicals have a drug-like effect on the human central nervous system and immune system, leading to altered moods, pain relief, and other temporary changes. CBD is one of the many Cannabinoids found in Cannabis.

*Terpenes and the Entourage Effect
Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. They also have their own individual beneficial properties, and when taken alongside cannabinoids, produce what’s called the Entourage Effect. Please see image in comments.


*Should I tell my GP?
I would always recommend you speak to your GP about any treatment changes including taking CBD. My GP knows I take CBD and she’s supportive.

*What conditions can be treated with CBD?
CBD is beneficial for a number of conditions including: Chronic pain, anxiety, depression, MS, Epilepsy, CFS/ME, migraines, IBS and sleep disorders and many more.


What I’ve learnt:

*I find that CBD alone isn’t as effective as whole plant products. There are many cannabinoids and terpenes that work best when taken together. This is called the entourage effect.

*I find a combination of products work better for my Fibromyalgia pain and anxiety than just one product e.g a CBD oil. I mainly use CBD oil (oral use) but I top up with a vape when needed. I also use hemp balm and drink hemp tea. You will find the right combination for you.

*Often less is better. For conditions like anxiety smaller doses seem to be more effective than larger ones and larger doses can actually increase anxiety. Also some people are very sensitive to CBD and respond well to lower doses.

*Introduce CBD slowly. By starting Start low and slowly increasing to an effective dose (please note this is not the case with conditions involving seizures like epilepsy) you can lessen the effects of herxing but also avoid the biphasic effects.

*Take time to do your research. You will save yourself a lot of money in the long run. We are lucky enough to have a thriving CBD market in the UK. You don’t have to buy from the first company you are told about, shop around.

*One size does not fit all. You may need to try a few products to find the right one for you. We are all unique and react differently.

*Teach yourself about how CBD works. Please see above links about The Endocannabinoid System.

*Be aware of scammers. There are many people who will jump at the chance to rip you off. I was a victim of a scammer selling on Amazon when I first started taking CBD. I personally wouldn’t advise buying CBD from eBay or Amazon, you have no idea who you are buying from and what is in their products. And please don’t be tempted to buy from someone who contacts you via Facebook Messenger, as this is the preferred method used by scammers.

NB: the above is just my experience with CBD. I’m not a medical professional and what works for me may not work for you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about CBD, I will try my best to answer.


What has helped you?

What one thing has had the biggest positive impact on your health? It could be a supplement or medication, a therapy like CBT, hypnotherapy or acupuncture, or maybe a dietary or lifestyle change. By sharing your experiences you may be able to help others.

For me it’s CBD oil, with mindfulness meditation coming a close second.

What brand of CBD do I use?

A few people have asked which brand of CBD oil I take. I currently use Molytor products as I’ve found them to be the most effective for my Fibromyalgia pain, anxiety and insomnia. They have a sale on at the moment with more products being added over the next couple of days.