Unrest is now available on Netflix

Just a reminder, the film Unrest is now available to watch on Netflix. Have you seen the film yet?

Unrest is an incredibly moving work of art with a positive and empowering message. It has given millions of ME/CFS sufferers a voice. Here’s my review:

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My Personal Review of Unrest.

Coping with Stress

My plan was to write an insightful post including lots of useful tips about coping with stress. The problem is, I’m useless at coping with stressful situations. I could give you the textbook answers but that would seem dishonest considering none of them have worked for me.

When stressful situations arise, the only way I know how to deal with them is to panic. When anxiety takes hold, my body releases adrenaline and this helps me think, problem solve and gives me the energy I need to survive the situation. I know this is the classic ‘Fight or Flight’ response which could be vital in a life threatening situation, but it’s not a healthy way to deal with everyday stress, especially when you have an exhausting condition like ME. Along with the adrenaline comes pain, palpitations, dizziness and fatigue, and it’s probably why my health deteriorated as far as it did, a few years ago.

So, I’m going to turn the tables and ask you. How do you cope with stressful situations? What tips can you give me? How can I deal with stress in a healthier way?

I’m looking forward to your insightful suggestions.