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Updated December 2019

I can’t tell my story without discussing CBD (Cannabidiol). It’s made a big positive impact in my life and I would like to share my experiences with you.

I’ve been virtually bedbound with severe ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia for about 6 years now. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, depression, osteoporosis, migraines and insomnia. Desperate to find anything to help, I searched the internet for possible treatments.

Being diagnosed with an incurable and largely untreatable condition is devastating. You will go to any lengths and try almost anything to relieve your systems, and believe me, the internet is full of crazy ideas and promises of cures. While searching through the myriad of possible ‘cures’ I came across CBD. I did a lot of research and it seemed to be a promising treatment. So, about 3 and a half years ago I started taking CBD oil.

If I’m honest I didn’t expect much – I was willing to try anything at this stage. But I was pleasantly surprised. I noticed an almost instant improvement in my anxiety levels and my general well-being. It took quite a lot of trial and error to find the right oil to tackle my pain but for the first time in years I could see a future for myself.

My pain is now a lot more manageable and I can finally sleep. It’s very effective for my everyday pain and my Fibromyalgia flares are less frequent. When I do have a flare it helps me stay calm which I find is half the battle.

I’ve managed to wean myself off Tramadol, Propranolol and sleeping tablets and Omeprazole (gradually) and I feel so much better for it. If you choose to reduce your medication please do so under the supervision of your GP

To begin with I only noticed a slight improvement in my fatigue, but I have severe ME and it’s taken years for my body to get this weak and exhausted. After a few months of sleeping better and with reduced pain and anxiety levels, my body started to respond. I have less fatigue and flu-like symptoms. I don’t crash as much and they are not as severe even though my activity levels have actually increased.

With every day that goes by I feel physically and mentally stronger. Considering I’ve spent the last 20+ years with my health deteriorating this is a huge step for me.

I don’t want to give people false hope. CBD is not a miracle cure or a quick fix. It hasn’t taken away my symptoms but it has allowed me to manage them far more effectively than any prescription medication ever has, and without all the nasty side effects. But you still need to listen to your body, pace yourself and rest when you feel a flare coming on.

The reality is, I am still very poorly, but compared to 6 years ago, and before I started taking CBD oil, I have made a lot of progress. Back then I couldn’t even hold a conversation or read a sentence on my mobile due to exhaustion and cognitive problems. I was having multiple panic attacks a day because my body and mind were so broken. I wasn’t sleeping – at all. My pain levels were uncontrollable and I was completely isolated and suicidal.

It’s taken time but I now write a blog and have a very active presence on social media. My anxiety and pain levels are much more manageable. I’m sleeping for the first time in years without the aid of sleeping tablets. My body and mind are stronger and I haven’t had any suicidal thoughts for over 4 years. I believe a lot of this is down to CBD, it has given me the breathing space I need to rest and repair.

I believe it’s important to take an holistic approach when dealing with your health and well being. I have developed a number of coping mechanisms over the years and have found a combination of things that have helped to improve my overall health. CBD is just one part of this but it has made a big impact in my life.

Please note I am not a medical professional and I can only comment on my own experiences. Please speak to your GP before taking CBD as it can interact with some medication. Please include your GP in any treatment changes.

Have you tried CBD? What improvements have you noticed?

if you would like to learn more about CBD I have a dedicated CBD educational section on my website. What is CBD? Everything you need to know is a good place to start.

For more news, reviews, personal stories, inspirational quotes and in-depth discussion, please head over to my Facebook page.

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  2. Really interesting to read this, and about how much it has helped your symptoms. Someone recently suggested it may help my ME symptoms and so I’ve been reading up a bit about it. As I’m currently in a flare it’s spurred me on to find one to try! I know you can’t advise but is there a certain strength/type that is helpful as a starting point? Many thanks x

    1. Hi Emma.

      This post might answer some questions.

      I have a CBD section on my blog if you want to read through a few posts. I take the hybrid oil from a company called Molytor. It’s the most effective CBD oil I’ve found so far. It’s best to start with a low dose and slowly increase.

      If you would like to know more about CBD I help run a CBD support group on Facebook, We don’t sell anything, we just give advise.

  3. Thanks so much Jo, that’s really helpful. Will have a read through your CBD section and suggested post. That’s good to know to start low and slowly increase. That’s great about the Facebook group. Thank you again, it’s much appreciated.

  4. I’ve posted previously about CBD oil as it’s a newer thing in the UK in terms of becoming more widely known. Sadly the strengths are quite weak for those in shops and online it can be very pricey, especially when you never know whether it will help until you try it. Love reading such positive outcomes like you’ve had with CBD! 🙂
    Caz x

  5. This is incredible. I recently moved to the Netherlands where CBD oil is readily available and my husband (who struggles with anxiety) uses it regularly with positive results.

  6. I only started taking cbd oil a couple days ago. I originally wanted it for my pain and nausea, but I recently had a really bad hospital experience, and I’ve been having panic attacks and bad anxiety/nightmares since. Taking it really calmed me down, so I’m hopeful that it will help me as I can take more with my anxiety, and my other symptoms too.

    I’m glad it’s helped you so much!

  7. thank you for the link to this you posted on the FB page, having read this blog i realise my problems are considerably less than other peoples’, but without your experiences us folk ‘newer’ to some of these conditions may stand a chance of being able to live more fulfilling lives – and for that i cannot thank you enough! It is just such a shame that the benefits you now get from CBD etc were not widely known about earlier in you life. Thanks again for your openness and advice, take good care xx

  8. This article has given me hope. I’ve suffered from extreme tiredness for nearly 20 years and in the past 2 years my body has become very weak. I sleep all the time but waken in pain constantly. During the day its not so much pain but very exhausted feeling in body. For example I need to stop for a few seconds while brushing my teeth as my arms get too tired and using a hairdryer is very difficult. Looking for a better life than just being bedbound all the time.

  9. Your various blogs are very informative and full of common sense. I am sure you are helping a lot of people, particularly as, in my experience the medical profession are not very knowledgeable on CBD and how to use it, so helpful advice from them is in short supply.
    As your personal situation is very relevant to suffers with M.E I wondered if you are able to reach a wider audience of people with M.E.who perhaps haven’t found you on Facebook? M.E is such a devistating, and debilitating illness, and there is still so much misunderstanding around it, even amongst doctors. Your experience would encourage anyone who was struggling I am sure.
    I only suffer from arthritis in both knees but CBD has helped enormously, and I enjoy reading your blogs, so thank you, and I sincerely hope your health continues to improve. I feel it will!

    1. Thank you Gilly. CBD is just a small part of my website but I strongly believe education is important. My website is actually mainly a chronic illness and mental health blog. I’m deeply involved with the online ME community and I raise awareness and help others when I can. I have a Facebook page if you would like to follow It, I discuss all aspects of health. Take care.

    1. Hi Lindsay. I have to admit I don’t know anything about CIDP so it’s very hard for me to advise. But CBD is a good anti inflammatory, and it can help ease pain, so there is a possibility it could help.

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